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Is Seven of Nine the version of Wesley Crusher ...,  · Wesley save the ship a good portion of the time, think The Naked Now when he was "drunk" and The Game, which is actually a good episode. 2. Both are "eye candy" and were used for viewers Jeri Ryan, does much more actually have to be said. She was used to bring more men into Voyager. Wil Wheaton, teenage heartthrob.Empathy Is Better Naked (Deanna Troi/Wesley Crusher ..., *Wesley Crusher was sat at a table in the 10 Forward Bar, looking out at the stars, as The Enterprise-D continued its travels through space. He was lost in thought, it had been over three weeks since he had, lost his ity to Lt. Tasha Yar, the ships head of Security, in the Holosuite. since then they had met a couple more times to have .Farm Boy Wesley Crusher, 2014-5-18 · Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher was in Commander William Thomas Riker's secured office for his twentieth weekly review and disciplinary session since was put on the corporal punishment program. As the Commander finished entering his evaluations into the computer he said: "Wesley, I think that this CP program has helped you a lot.Wesley Crusher Raped! » Manhattan Infidel, 2014-12-30 · Wesley Crusher, previously acting ensign onboard the Starship Enterprise-D and now a cadet at Star Fleet Academy may have been brutally raped during a fraternity initiation. The story, entitled "A Rape at Star Fleet Academy" tells how cadet Crusher was thrown onto a table filled with broken glassFirst Times, a startrek: the next generation fanfic ..., 2020-7-8 · Wesley Crusher was very excited and not a little nervous. After all this tim,e Captain Picard was finally letting him take a position on the bridge of the Enterprise. Wesley had felt ready for years, but it was only now, after the incident with the Traveler, that Captain Picard felt he was ready..

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Treknobabble: Top 5 Trek: Wesley Crusher Episodes, 2020-9-11 · Top 5 Trek: Wesley Crusher Episodes Young Wesley Crusher gets a lot of grief from Trek fandom. ... Just imagining a teen-aged boy surrounded by all these tanned, oily, half-naked actresses who talk about really boosts one's appreciation for the art of acting. Family. Even if everyone else hates you, Wesley, I still love you.Where No One Has Gone Before, Wesley Crusher, Ensign (Beverly Crushers Son) ... Wesley was lying naked on the bed wanking; her hand dropped to her cunt once more as she watched Wesley wanking. Looking at his body, those muscles, that cock, she watched as his fist slipped easily up and down his glistening shaft. The way he held his balls as he orgasmed, until finally his cum ...Making the Grade by Wesley Crusher, 2018-12-9 · By Wesley Crusher. [email protected] This story depicts sexual acts between a 16yo teenager and several men. This story is entirely fictional. The characters do not exist and the events described never happened. If such material offends you, cease reading this document. Chapter 1 . The big man towered over the cowering boy.Wesley Crusher, Wesley Crusher is a version of Wesley from the Star Trek: The Next Generation early episodes before Captain Picard granted him the field commission of acting ensign. The combination of the "uniform" and the tractor beam has never appeared on TNG. Wesley's posture and mobile tractor beam seem to be from "The Naked Now" (1x03), while his uniform ...